Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Hardwood Floor Upgrade

If anyone has had old, dingy carpet, you know how gross it can become, especially in high-traffic areas. Ours were the original carpets that came with our house which which was at least 18 years old and after 2 cats, a dog and a growing toddler boy running around, I'd begin to cringe everytime I looked down. Cause no matter how much you vacuum, spot clean and even deep clean, that awful bone color would never look truly clean or nice. Plus know how much cat and dog urine, poop and vomit its been through, its hard to believe its ever truly clean again.

So after much whining, pleading and pouting, I finally convince the hubs to get hardwood floors in the living and dining room. And we LOVE them!!!

We decided on the click-lock, engineered wood by the Home Island brand in Hickory Tuscany found at Home Depot and since HD did such a great job with our roof, we also let them install it. It took about 6 hours but we have been more than pleased with the end result.

3 weeks later, I can say that the maintenance so far has been minimal. I sweep once a week and while I have cleaned it once, it barely needed it.

 I'd read a lot about cleaning dark wood floors and how they show everything and can be high maintenance but I can honestly say that after our old carpet, I'd take a wood floor with some lint and prints on it over that nasty, odor and stain-absorbed thing any day. And the whole room feels bigger and cleaner!