Tuesday, May 5, 2015

DIY Purse & Shoe Stand

I am probably the only person in the world who felt she just had to have something like this. Since as far as I could remember, I have picked out all clothes for work, shoes, bags and sometimes accessories the night before. I get it from my mom who picked out my clothes for the week and every morning my father only had to pull out the selected outfit in the mornings to get me dressed.

The habit stuck and its one routine I need and has helped save me so much time. Since I began working, I've preferred to also pack my purse and select my shoes to wear for the following day. I usually laid them on the floor near my bed.

Over time, I began to loathe the look of anything just sitting on the floor, especially in the bedroom (which I like super neat) so I began looking for stands to sit my purses and shoes on. Several internet and Amazon searches later, I decided to just make my own and use fabric from Joann's.

I ordered this kitchen stand from Amazon:

Then picked out a home design fabric from Joann fabrics and applied to the stand using heavy glue (didn't do a perfect job cutting but oh well:

Let it dry overnight and done! No more purse and shoes on the floor!

Does anyone else lay their shoes and bag out the night before or is that just me?


  1. This is awesome. I plan my clothes for the week including shoes but im too lazy to switch purses.

  2. You do?? Hubby thinks its weird that I plan my clothes for the week. I just cannot make clear decisions before 7am and don't leave myself any free time before heading out the door. And I don't switch purses often. I will use the same purse for weeks before changing.