Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Medicine Cabinet Update

Super easy update that I made to my bathroom medicine cabinet.

First the before pics. Yup, Drab, plain, kinda dirty. Uninspired. Since I was working on updating my entire master bathroom, refreshing it with a more modern, clearer and more stylish look, I decided to start with the cabinet. Note, I have been in my house only 4.5 years so this was the condition it was in at purchase:

So this was so simple. I went to Michael's and in their paper stock or scrapbooking section and chose a design that would make me happy to look at every day. I decided on this particular pattern because I originally wanted wallpaper like this. Like I've seen in upscale hotels. But with my high, angled ceiling, decided it would be too ambitious a project and opted with a small piece of pattern instead.

Using some leftover wood glue, I matched up the 3 cards I bought, glued together and then glued to the inside of the cabinet.

Missing accomplished. Every time I open this cabinet, it makes me smile!

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