Monday, March 9, 2015

Toddler Life: Signs You Have a Toddler

One day your sweet, cherubic-faced angel is cuddled up in your arms, content to sleep and eat the day away. Then the next (or seems like it), that same adorable ball of cuddles is suddenly a walking, babbling, tyrannical ball of energy, thrashing through your house, leaving a trail of toys and sometimes food in his wake. You're not going crazy. That tiny time frame of babyhood has gone by and your lil boo boo now has a new attitude complete with his/her own wants, likes, desires, and dislikes and the ability to start expressing this. Here's some signs you may have a full-blown toddler:

Bedtime on a weekend is still 10pm. Cause toddlers still keep crackhead hours and the minute they are awake, its time to play! Pretty much instantly.

And eventually, they won't wait for you to get them up.

Sleeping in is sleeping til 8am...if you're lucky.

Solo bathroom trips? Don't plan on it. Peeing apprently is a group sport.

Thought you could eat a whole cookie by yourself? Yeah, unthink that. They will let you know whatever you eat, is also theres!

Living rooms are now playrooms and the toys just grow and grow.

There is always some sort of smashed food on the floor. Note: banana gets concrete hard if left awhile. Keep a scraper handy.

Socks? Shoes? Yeah, no! The toddler will decide how long to wear these things.

Toys on the floor is life. Watch your step!

No more TV-14 entertainment til after 9pm. You can chance it...until they begin watching and repeating things.

Naptimes are hit or miss. Some days are good but on others, you wonder if the ball of energy will ever go down and for how long. Some days you'll be lucky to get in one full hour.

Running errands revolves around naptimes and whether you can get a stroller in that store or if they have carts. You may forgo going to a store at all if none of these options are available.

Shopping trips also mean constantly picking up things they grab off shelves and throw on the floor, reminding them they can't touch things and then rushing to the checkout before they have a meltdown. Because they can't touch anything.

Diaper changes become wrestling matches. Apparently some tots have no issue sitting on a poop patty.

You cross your fingers while preparing meals in the hopes that your efforts aren't rejected. And some foods that love one day, they despise the next.

Your Netflix suggestions are suddenly flooded with kids programs. All cause you watched Handy Manny that one time!

You know all the words to all the songs your kids toys plays whether you like it or not and you've gotten this theme song stuck in your head more than once:

Your kid has made a habit out of throwing things, then immediately having a fit...because its no longer in their hands. So you retrieve it, only for them to throw it again. Meltdown again. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Letting them fall asleep in the car, big mistake!

You've been slapped in the head at least 3 times by a tiny hand or a flying toy. Your bob -n-weave is improving.

Tantrums. Tantrums. Tantrums. Mood swings vary by the minute and the same cuddly, adorable tot can instantly transform into a tiny, screaming, monster on a whim!

If this sounds like you, take heart. The toddler stage is just another phase among many.They will eventually grow out of it and move on to bigger things.

Or so I hope!

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